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Photo of Sue Brogan
Sue Brogan VP, Community Engagement United Way of Anchorage
Phone: 263-3821 Class: 2002
Categories: 2002
Photo of Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown Community Engaged Anchorage
Phone: 563-2712 Class: 2003
Categories: 2003
Photo of Margie Brown
Margie Brown Board member/Volunteer RetiredAward Recipient 2012
Phone: 748-2949 Class: 2007
Categories: 2007, 2012, ATHENA Society Leadership Award Recipient, Retired
Photo of Michele Brown
Michele Brown President & CEO United Way of Anchorage
Phone: 263-3820 Class: 2014
Categories: 2014
Photo of Laura Bruce
Laura Bruce Vice President Alaska Permanent Capital Management
Phone: 646-3509 Class: 2010
Categories: 2010
Photo of Jennifer Bundy-Cobb
Jennifer Bundy-Cobb VP Sales and Client Service The Wilson Agency, LLC
Phone: 277-1616 Class: 2015
Categories: 2015
Photo of Sheri Buretta
Sheri Buretta Chair Chugach Alaska Corporation
Phone: 563-8866 Class: 2010
Categories: 2010
Photo of Carol Butler
Carol Butler Owner Copper Whale Inn
Phone: 244-1800 Class: 2012
Categories: 2012
Photo of Debra Call
Debra Call Community Volunteer
Cell Phone: 306-3689 Class: 1996
Categories: 1996, Retired
Photo of Ann Campbell
Ann Campbell VP Administration & Contracting Northern Aviation Services
Phone: 249-5163 Class: 1994
Categories: 1994
Photo of Linda Friday Cardoza
Linda Friday Cardoza Realtor Jack White Real Estate
Phone: 440-9361 Class: 2001
Categories: 2001
Photo of Maver Carey
Maver Carey President/CEO The Kuskokwim Corporation
Phone: 243-2944 Class: 2011
Categories: 2011
Photo of Shannon Cartwright
Shannon Cartwright Artist *send emails/phone via radio KTNA, Talkeetna
Phone: 773-1900
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Barbara Cash
Barbara Cash President/CEO RIM Design, LLCAward Recipient 2005
Phone: 279-6563 Class: 2001
Categories: 2001, 2005, ATHENA Society Leadership Award Recipient
Photo of Heather Cavanaugh
Heather Cavanaugh Marketing & Corp Communications Director Alaska Communications
Phone: 564-7722 Class: 2014
Categories: 2014
Photo of Jane Chaput
Jane Chaput Retired
Phone: 859-245-8624
Categories: Retired
Photo of Joy Chavez Mapaye
Joy Chavez Mapaye Ass’t Prof Journalism & Communication UAA
Phone: 786-4195 Class: 2014
Categories: 2014
Photo of Suzanne Cherot
Suzanne Cherot Shareholder and Attorney Birch, Horton, Bittner and Cherot
Phone: 276-1550 Class: 2005
Categories: 2005
Photo of Morgan Christen
Morgan Christen U.S. Circuit Judge U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th CircuitAward Recipient 2006
Phone: 677-6220 Class: 2004
Categories: 2004, 2006, ATHENA Society Leadership Award Recipient
Photo of Kathy Christy
Kathy Christy Capital Project Manager Project Resources
Phone: 223-2999 Class: 1996
Categories: 1996
Photo of Cassie Chronic
Cassie Chronic Snowbird/President Vista Hermosa Homeowners’ Assoc., Florence, AZ
Phone: 907 229 6922
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Susan Cloe
Susan Cloe Public Broadcasting Retired
Phone: 345-7472 Class: 2004
Categories: 2004, Retired
Photo of Ellen Cole
Ellen Cole
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Carol Comeau
Carol Comeau Retired Award Recipient 2004
Cell Phone: 907-854-3405 Class: 2002
Categories: 2002, 2004, ATHENA Society Leadership Award Recipient, Retired