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Photo of Michelle Egan
Michelle Egan Director, Corporate Communications Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
Phone: 787-8397 Class: 2016
Categories: 2016
Photo of Evelia Ehrenbard
Evelia Ehrenbard
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Leslie Ellis
Leslie Ellis Award Recipient 2008
Home Phone: 693-964-0678
Categories: 2008, ATHENA Society Leadership Award Recipient, Retired
Photo of Sandra Erber
Sandra Erber
Class: 2001
Categories: 2001
Photo of Jacqueline Evans
Jacqueline Evans CFO E & S Diversified Services, Inc.
Phone: 276-2018 Class: 1999
Categories: 1999
Photo of Melphine Evans
Melphine Evans Owner J Squared
Phone: 949-218-2808
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Yvonne Evans
Yvonne Evans Owner Yvonne Evans & Associates
Phone: 727-5828
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Laurie Fagnani
Laurie Fagnani President MSI Communications
Phone: 569-7070 Class: 2010
Categories: 2010
Photo of Laile Fairbairn
Laile Fairbairn Owner Snow City Cafe, Sack’s and South RestaurantsAward Recipient 2017
Phone: 334-9700 Class: 2005
Categories: 2005, 2017, ATHENA Society Leadership Award Recipient
Photo of Louann Feldmann
Louann Feldmann
Class: 2008
Categories: 2008, Retired
Photo of Mary Fisher
Mary Fisher Executive Director Alaskans for Litter Prevention & Recycling
Phone: 274-3266
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Heather Flynn
Heather Flynn Philanthropist RetiredAward Recipient 2010
Phone: 277-2220
Categories: 2010, ATHENA Society Leadership Award Recipient, Retired
Photo of Cathy Foerster
Cathy Foerster Commissioner of Oil & Gas Conservation State of Alaska
Phone: 793-1228 Class: 2008
Categories: 2008
Photo of Maryann Foley
Maryann Foley Attorney/owner Law Office of Maryann E Foley
Phone: 279-0783 Class: 2006
Categories: 2006
Photo of Sue Foley
Sue Foley
Class: 2002
Categories: 2002, Deceased
Photo of Charlotte Fox
Charlotte Fox Retired
Phone: 346-2979 Class: 2009
Categories: 2009, Retired
Photo of Cheryl Frasca
Cheryl Frasca Owner C Frasca Co
Phone: 258-2331 Class: 1994
Categories: 1994
Photo of Jan Fredericks
Jan Fredericks
Categories: Deceased
Photo of Sharon Gagnon
Sharon Gagnon Community Activist Retired, UAA Honors College Advisory Board
Phone: 346-2592
Categories: Retired
Photo of Alice Galvin
Alice Galvin
Class: 2003
Categories: 2003, Deceased
Photo of Hattie Gardner
Hattie Gardner President/Owner SHELFF Enterprises Investments
Phone: 694-6426 Class: 1994
Categories: 1994
Photo of Becky Gay
Becky Gay Owner Fifth Element
Phone: 541-826-7064
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Shelley Gill
Shelley Gill Author
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Cheri Gillian
Cheri Gillian Corporate Marketing Director, VP First National Bank Alaska
Phone: 777-3441 Class: 2002
Categories: 2002