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Anchorage ATHENA Contact Information

Mailing address:
Anchorage ATHENA Society
c/o Anchorage Chamber of Commerce
1016 West 6th Avenue #303
Anchorage, AK 99501

Telephone: 907-279-4836
Twitter: @AnchorageATHENA

Anchorage ATHENA Committees:

Luncheon Committee: Chair Deborah Bonito

Fundraising Committee: Chair Heather Handyside

Social Media: Julie Hasquet

Nominations/Selection Committee: Chair Laile Fairborn

Artwork: Teresa Ascone

Centerpieces: A special thank you to ATHENA Linda Leary and her company FisheWear for designing and providing the vibrant FisheWear lamps at a nicely discounted price for the luncheon!

Fall Gathering: Laura Bruce

ATHENA Directory: Anne Reed

ATHENA Camp Scholarship Committee: Mary Knopf

Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Board Liaison: Nancy Johnson

Anchorage ATHENA Society Administrator: Bonnie L Jack

Webmaster: Stephanie Kesler

Become Involved!!!!

If you are interested in participating, please contact any one of these ATHENAs whose contact information can be found in the ATHENA Directory.