Photographs courtesy of Lisa J. Seifert

ATHENA 2024 Inductees

Front row, left to right: Codie Costello, Vonnie Gaither, Bede Trantina, Leah Boltz, Lanie Fleischer

Back row, left to right: Schawna Thoma, Denali Kemppel, US Senator Lisa Murkowski (Leadership Award Recipient), Ivy Spohnholz, Rachel Kallander

Missing from photo: Austin Quinn-Davidson

2024 ATHENA Luncheon

Wow! We had nearly 500 people in the The Hotel Captain Cook ballroom to honor the inductees and hear a fabulous keynote speech by Michael Fredricks. Congratulations to all the inductees and to Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who received the Leadership Award.

ATHENA Society Supporters

THANK YOU 2024 Anchorage ATHENA Society Sponsors

Visionary Circle/Keynote Speaker: $5,000

Leadership Award Sponsor: $5,000

Founder's Circle: $3,500

Technology Sponsor: $3,000

Circle of Wisdom: $2,500

The Andrews Group

Circle of Service: $1000

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski

Tammy Taylor

Supporters: $500

Friends: Up to $499