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Photo of Amie Sommer
Amie Sommer Owner Tutka, LLC
Phone: 357-2238
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Cyndi Spear
Cyndi Spear
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Shirley Mae Springer Staten
Shirley Mae Springer Staten Executive Director Keys to Life
Cell Phone: 317-3417 Class: 2007
Categories: 2007
Photo of Colleen Starring
Colleen Starring
Class: 2012
Categories: 2012
Photo of Joette Storm
Joette Storm Retired
Home Phone: (541) 306-4091 Class: 2005
Categories: 2005, Retired
Photo of Jane Straight
Jane Straight Director of Health and Income Impact United Way
Phone: (907) 263-3880 Class: 2003
Categories: 2003
Photo of Cathie Straub
Cathie Straub VP, Private Wealth Division Management AK Permanent Capital Management
Phone: 646-3515 Class: 2002
Categories: 2002
Photo of Beth Stuart
Beth Stuart Managing Partner KPMG LLP
Cell Phone: 907 244-8372 Class: 2018
Categories: 2018
Photo of Arliss Sturgulewski
Arliss Sturgulewski
Categories: 2000, ATHENA Society Leadership Award Recipient, Deceased
Photo of Alice Sullivan
Alice Sullivan Director Alice Bassler Sullivan DanceArts Alaska
Phone: 240-9652
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Patricia Swain
Patricia Swain Retired
Categories: Retired
Photo of Tara Sweeney
Tara Sweeney Politics
Phone: 907-952-8888 Class: 2017
Categories: 2017
Photo of Ileen Sylvester
Ileen Sylvester Vice President, Executive & Tribal Services Southcentral Foundation
Phone: 907-729-5711 Class: 2017
Categories: 2017
Photo of Paulette Syngal-Law
Paulette Syngal-Law Co-Owner Nenana Creative Arts
Phone: 278-6748 Class: 2005
Categories: 2005
Photo of Elaine Taylor
Elaine Taylor Vice President Taylored Restoration
Phone: 344-1239
Categories: Uncategorized
Photo of Julie Taylor
Julie Taylor CEO Alaska Regional Hospital
Phone: 264-1713 Class: 2016
Categories: 2016
Photo of Melinda Taylor
Melinda Taylor Communication Director IBEW Local 1547
Phone: (907) 301-2215 Class: 2020
Categories: 2020
Photo of Tamie Taylor
Tamie Taylor Owner/Consultant Taylored Business Solutions, LLC
Phone: 223-3098 Class: 2011
Categories: 2011
Photo of Mary Tesch
Mary Tesch Leisnoi Incorporated
Phone: (907) 222-6900 Class: 2000
Categories: 2000
Photo of Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson President & CEO Thompson & Co Public Relations
Phone: 561-4488 Cell Phone: (907) 242-1152 Class: 2016
Categories: 2016
Photo of Janet Thurston
Janet Thurston Retired
Class: 2005
Categories: 2005, Retired
Photo of Tabetha Toloff
Tabetha Toloff Chief Administrative Officer Cook Inlet Tribal Council
Phone: (907) 250-9115 Class: 2022
Categories: 2022
Photo of Sheila Toomey
Sheila Toomey Journalist Retired
Phone: 278-3195 Class: 2006
Categories: 2006
Photo of Dianne Tydings
Dianne Tydings Owner/General Manager Dianne’s Wild Fork Catering
Phone: 279-7243 Class: 1996
Categories: 1996